Think about the helpers

“Look for the helpers.”

– Mr. Rogers

Now let’s think about the helpers at Wednesday’s massacre. You saw four different types of helpers. The first were the teachers in the classroom. They’re on the front lines in the nation’s criminally unaddressed mass shooting epidemic. They will lay down their lives for those kids. The second were the police officers, charging into the scene to protect the teachers and children. They will lay down their lives for those kids and teachers. The third is the medical professionals at ambulances on scene. They charge toward the last en of fire, sometimes saving lives. The fourth are the journalists, charging toward the line of fire to get you information as best they can. Yes, they can screw up. But they’re going to the scene, nevertheless. They’re tells no you what’s happening and how to get safe.

Now think about what those helpers need.

Are there enough teachers on those classrooms? Are they trained enough to respond? Do they have the resources to address kids who are a threat? Do they have the mental health resources do deal with the pressure and shock of the situation? Are there enough school resource officers at school?

Are there enough police officers to stop this? Are they paid well enough? Do they have the resources after an event like this that they could address PTSD without losing their badge? Are they trained enough? Are the programs that could address gun violence funded enough?

Are those EMTs given the mental health resources they need to do their jobs? Are they trained for these scenarios?

Do those reporters have mental health resources for after they witness this trauma up close? Do they have enough training for covering an event like this?

How many times did you answer “yes”?

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