I’ve been impatiently waiting to watch “Field of Dreams” with Michael and Minnie. It’s probably going to be next season.

However, I decided to show them the Abbot and Costello classic, “Who’s on First?

It’s a farcical comedic bit in which two men get into a baseball argument because the players on the team have strange names, like the eponymous first baseman, Who.

The whole big flow over Minnie’s head like a fly ball.

However, a few minutes in, Michael got it. He started laughing. “The man is Who?”

I was proud of him.

However, he didn’t catch the name of the second baseman. So he kept asking me, “Who is the second baseman?”

Michael: “Who plays second base?”

Pat: “No, he plays first base.”

Michael: “I know that! Who plays second?

Pat: “No he plays first base, do you know who plays second?”

Michael: I don’t know!

Pat: No, he plays third.

Michael: Aaaasrgh! Stop it!

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