You could see this coming from a mile away

This was the moment Rand Paul’s fans were waiting for. Sadly, they got the Rand Paul everyone but his fans see.

See, Paul (R-Griftopia) never misses an opportunity to not stand by his professed principles when it matters.

Rand is the best of the Paul clan, which is like being the best looking Umpa Loompa. The family has long been running an ideological grift on well meaning conservatives who don’t give the Paul’s actual policy record a second glance. He’s somehow for criminal justice reform despite having misplacing his spine whenever he’s had an opportunity to stand tall. He’s pro-pot, except he isn’t for actually legalizing it.

Maybe he’s anti-interventionalist when it comes to war. It’s possible. But his votes against the use of force have basically always come when the outcome was already decided. What he did today, though, probably proves what you’d get if his vote actually mattered.

President Trump’s pick for Secretary of State – Mike Pompeo – has a track record that should make Paul cringe as much as he would at Nancy Pelosi. Pompeo, a shameless Benghazi conspiracy hawk, has major interventionist leanings. He also supports programs that infringe on people’s privacy. Paul voted against Pompeo in Committee when the nominee was set to lead the CIA. But there was no chance Paul’s vote would halt Pompeo’s nomination.

Now he had a legitimate chance at stopping the senate committee from recommending Pompeo for State.

This was it. Paul was going to stand up to Pompeo, and Trump’s autocratic leanings.

Well, folks, Paul didn’t miss this opportunity to not stand up for his publicly processed principles.

Instead, as usual, his private principles are what matter. Look for Paul’s next book to be a best seller among the libertarian set. In it, he’ll claim to not just be your average Republican, but the only congressman who stands by the Constitution.

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