A dour founder

Check out this cynical take on American democracy.

But will you say our elections are so pure? Be it so; upon the whole. Do you recollect in history, a more Corrupt Election than that of Aaron Burr to be president, or that of DeWitt Clinton last year. By corruption, here I mean a sacrifice of every national Interest and honor, to private and Party Objects.

I see the same Spirit in Virginia, that you and I see in Rhode Island and the rest of New England. in New York, it is a struggle of Family Feuds. a Fewdal Aristocracy. Pennsylvania is a contest between German, Irish and Old English Families. when Germans ad Irish Unitr, they give 30,000 majorities. there is virtually a White Rose and a Red Rose a Caesar and a Pompey in every State in this Union and Contedtd and dissections will be as lasting.


That hefty dose of optimism came from His Rotundity himself, John Adams, in an 1813 letter to Thomas Jefferson.

I’m looking forward to reading Jon Meacham’s new book, “The Soul of America.” It is a reaction to our current national disasters and how we have overcome similar issues in the past.

I’m betting this Adams’ quote won’t make the cut. But the election of 1800 will no doubt be mentioned.

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