Going to summer school

Michael skipped up the street as I trudged along behind him. I couldn’t believe it. Isn’t there a constitutional amendment that bans skipping on Mondays? Just a few minutes earlier he had groaned when he asked “Is it a school day” and I told him it was. He moped toward the door, slinging his backpack over his shoulder. “OK,” he said, dragging out the “Oh” for several sad beats. As we walked out onto the porch, I realized Mary’s carriage was in Molly’s trunk. She was probably halfway to Scranton by then. This left me with an unexpected choice. Did I want to drive the boy to school or walk? If we walked, I’d have to carry Mary the six blocks. I weighed that with the idea that we’d be wasting gas and I needed the exercise and picked walking. But I was tired, it was Monday, and I figured Michael would inevitably whine the whole trek. I pushed that aside, plopped Mary onto my shoulders and began the walk, up hill, toward Michael’s school. About halfway up the hill, Michael started skipping.

He was practically buoyant. I had something he wanted to tell Jean Marco. He was going to get another “Green.” (Students get a daily behavior report card: green for good, yellow for unsatisfactory behavior, red for disrupting class)

Seeing him that happy was the push I needed. I start my summer session today. Three classes: Teaching Middle School Math, Using Assessment to Guide Instruction, Teaching Adolescent Learners. I’m coming off of a grueling semester and have two more semesters after this until graduation. Did I say I’m taking a math class? My first semester was fun and fresh. It was a lot of work, but I earned a 4.0 and was ecstatic. It was full of lessons about fascinating topics. I took 12 credits last semester. Teaching Middle School Science (Very interesting, but I struggle with science despite my fascination and ended up with a B+), ESL – Teaching the Four Skills (Very fascinating class, and it inspired me to want to get another certification because I loved working with the English Language Learners), Adolescence (Completely fascinating) and Behavoir Management (I’ve never struggled with a class like this)

Watching Michael skip to class, I realized it was time to get excited about his semester. I’ve finished 7 of 15 classes. By August, I’ll be two-thirds of the way to my Master’s and closer, hopefully, to a job.

Enough procrastinating. It’s time to get to class.

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