A few questionse

This list includes a very diverse group of countries. For example, the populations are immensely different. China has 1.3 billion people, Russia has 144 million, Greece has 10 million.

But it’s a telling graphic.

We hear a lot of talking points from people in denial about what causes our school shooting problem.

That the breakdown of the family has led to this problem. If you think that, here are a few questions for you: Which of those countries has a lower divorce rate than the United States? Which of them allows gay marriage? Which of them allows abortion?

That it’s about our violent culture? Again, a few questions: Can you buy “Grand Theft Auto” videogames in any of those countries? Can you see a movie like “The Equalizer” or “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly” in those countries?

That it’s about mental health issues? Do those countries do not have people with similar mental health issues? Do those people have easier access to mental health support, and if so, are you pushing for reforms here?

That it’s about bullying or boys who are rejected by girls. These rancid trains of thought are gathering steam. A few final questions. Does bullying not happen in those other countries? When did it become an idea that young boys – or men – have a right to another person’s body? Do other countries not allow women to deny the advances of a man?

Maybe it’s something else that has led to these mass shootings. Maybe we should look at how accessible guns are in these countries and what someone needs to be able to do to own one.

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