The right thing

It’s easy today to justifiably condemn a lot of things in American history.

We read, see and hear about evil people separating kids from their families. So we’re reminded of interning the Japanese, hundreds of years of slavery, restricting the right to vote from women and minorities, the treatment of indigenous peoples, a Constitution written with a 3/5ths clause.

We should be outraged. And we are because at our core, Americans are a good people.

When Haiti was destroyed by an earthquake, Americans pulled $61 million out of their own pockets to send to the country. That doesn’t include corporate gifts or any federal aid. Five years earlier, Americans opened their wallets when a Tsunami struck the Indian Ocean.

Winston Churchill supposedly said that Americans can be trusted to do the right thing once they’ve exhausted all other possibilities. I’m doubtful he actually said this, but it can be said about the people of almost any nation.

I remain hopeful Americans will do the right thing in November.

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