The cream rises to the top of the division

We’re in the thick of the Major League Baseball season. A month ago, fans and sportswriters were speculating that the National League’s super teams would miss the playoffs. This was, of course, absurd.

These teams are so good they can live through a slump. So where are we now?

CHC-2018The Cubs With 42 wins, the Cubs have the best record in the senior circuit. They’ve gone 19-11 in their last 30 games.  They are first in the National League in batting average, on-base percentage and OPS and are third in runs. From the mound, they lead the league in ERA and They’re going to win the division. It’s not going to be close, either. Sorry Brewers fans.

The Dodgers Since falling to 16-26 on May 16, the Los Angeles Dodgers are 22-9. They now sit at 38-35, just two games back of the Arizona Diamondbacks. They are third in OPS, first in FIP and fourth in WHIP. It’s hard to imagine them not making the playoffs at this point. My bet is they win 95 or more games and take the division.

WSN-2018The Nationals The Nationals are tied for third place in the National League East with the Phillies. They are 3.5 games behind the Atlanta Braves. Both the Braves and Phillies are riding early season successes, but are relying on young bats. With 16 games left against the Phillies and nine against the Braves, the Nats can make up ground very quickly.

As for the wildcard, it’s a mess. The senior circuit has nine teams – the Braves, Brewers, Cardinals, Cubs, Diamondbacks, Dodgers, Giants, Nationals, and Phillies – with 43-37 wins. This likely won’t sort itself out until September at the earliest.

The American League Powerhouses

Well the Cleveland Indians are the closest thing to scuffling – and they’re in first place with a five game lead over the surprising Detroit Tigers. In the West the Houston Astros have raced out to 50 wins. In the American League East, the Yankees and Red Sox are duking it out. The Yankees currently have a 2-game lead.

While we expected the Twins to be the second wild-card team, the Seattle Mariners currently hold that spot. They have baseball’s longest postseason drought. They’re seven games up on the Tigers, so they could sew this up soon.

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