If ever there was a day to stop relitigating the 2016 primary, yesterday was it

On a day in which the Republican President of the United States skated up to the razor’s edge of treason, a brief glance at the Twitter machine pointed out that the Democratic Party remains fractured.

That’s OK.

No, really. That’s 100 percent fine. If you’re still Feeling the Bern or With Her, that’s totally great. You be you. If you love Alexandria Ocasio Cortez or Joe Manchin, do so with pride.

Advocate for the policies you care about, whether it’s a $15 minimum wage, voting rights, criminal justice reform, closing the carries interest loophole or early education.

You’re needed.

You know what’s not needed? Thinking the entire party must share your agenda.

This is a giant nation with urban areas, suburban areas and rural areas. It’s got the Rocky Mountains, the Great Lakes and the Gulf Coast. It’s full of the devoutly religious, the proudly atheistic and the don’t have time to take a side.

And arguing whether or not the Russia investigation or economic revolutions will earn democrats wins in November the next three years is a false choice. There are voters who care about both, one side or neither.

What’s needed, whether you care about busting Trump for collusion or raising the minimum wage, is chairmanships. No democratic goals can be accomplished without chairmanships in both the Senate and the House.

To get those chairmanships, the Democratic Party can’t be exclusive. It has to be welcoming to everyone. There can be no litmus test at this point. The reality is there aren’t enough democratic socialists or neoliberals to win without the other. Pro-choice and pro-life Dems need to vote. Maybe Joe Manchin’s flirtations with republicans drive you nuts. I know they drive me up a wall. But you’re not getting a Dem majority without him. Maybe you think Bernie Sanders is an egotistical child. You’re not winning without him, either. Or Maxine Waters. Or Connor Lamb.

Personally, the three issues I care most about are the environment, civil rights and health care. But I’m glad to see candidates with D’s after their name winning even though they aren’t 100 percent in agreement with my principles. I’m not a child. I get it that if the Dems don’t start winning elections, each one of the issues I care about will actually get worse.

It’s time to prove to the American people that the Democrats truly are the best chance at competent government. Not just for four or six years after this November, but for several decades.

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