The Scarecrow is a murdered

As a kid, I loved L. Frank Baum’s “Oz” series. I remember thinking it was so different from the movie. Yet, I liked the differences.

I’ve been reading “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” to the kids. I knew the shoes would be silver instead of ruby. I knew there were going to be longer adventures.

What I forgot was the darkness of the novel. Like “Peter Pan” the Oz series takes you to some unexpectedly dark places if you’re only accustomed to the Hollywood versions.

For example, check out this passage:

“The King Crow flew at the Scarecrow, who caught it by the head and twisted its neck until it died. And then another crow flew at him, and the Scarecrow twisted its neck also. There were forty crows, and forty times the Scarecrow twisted a neck, until at last all were lying dead beside him. Then he called to his companions to rise, and again they went upon their journey.”

Whoa, the Scarecrow went medieval on the King Crow’s feathered ass.

Think that’s bad? The Tin Woodman has just decapitated two score beasts while Dorothy slept.

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