When is it too early to put up the lights?

God forgive me, I love Christmas! I love the bustle. I love the lights on trees, houses, and whatever else can be they can be hung on. I love the music. I love it in June and in November.

So as soon as the last Trick or Treater begins their sugar-fueled nightmares, I’m thinking about Christmas decorating. I usually have the lights up the day after Halloween, particularly if it’s warm.

I tell myself I won’t turn them on.

I do. Without fail.

I’m one of those people.

We still have a turkey light in the window, so Thanksgiving is represented.

Anyway, I’m curious when people feel it’s OK to actually put them up.

One comment

  1. I like to have Thanksgiving decorations up after Halloween, then Christmas decorations after Thanksgiving; but not opposed to people who decorate for Christmas after Halloween. The lights help to brighten the darkness. There are several houses in our area that have their Christmas lights lit.


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