Ready for a big year of reading

I got a damn good haul at book haul Christmas: Celeste Ng’s “Little Fires Everywhere,” Janey Levy’s “Big Fella,” David W. Blight’s bio of Frederick Douglass, the Star Wars novels, Michelle McNamara’s I’ll be gone in the Dark,” and Steve Kornaki’s “Red and the Blue.”

I just cracked open Michael Lewis’ “The Fifth Risk,” which reports on government mismanagement during the Trump Administration. I’m also listening to the audiobook for “Devil’s Bargain,” about Steve Brannon’s role in the Trump campaign.

Next week will be decidedly less Trumpian book-reading. I might go with McNamara’s book. But I might go with Voltaire’s “Candide.” I read that in a comp lit class in college and loved it. I’ve promised myself I’d read it again. My other option is Steven King’s “Pet Cemetary.”

My to-read bookcase has 80 books on it. I’m hoping to end the year in the 60s. (I’ll certainly pick up 10-12 new books during the year.) My reading list is regularly filled with modern novels, classics, current events and old political books.

I’m curious what everyone is reading this year.

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