100 Books for America: Columbine

With 82 days until the election, let us continue looking at the 100 books every American should read. These write-ups will be short and not incredibly comprehensive looks at some books and novels that will help you become a better citizen. Check out all of the books that have been picked

For those of us who were alive during the Columbine massacre, few days have left a bigger mark on us – particularly if we were in school.

That’s why it’s so important to know the facts about that day – and sadly, most of us don’t.

David Cullen’s “Columbine” is a brilliant, brutal and beautiful tribute to the victims.

He doesn’t shy away from pointing out how and why some errant narratives have developed. Because of that, it’s a must read for law enforcement and journalists, who screwed up so much during and in the immediate aftermath of the tragedy.

Cullen, a journalist who was on scene that day, explains how bad information given out by the authorities and spread by the National press, have affected the way we look at the events.

But he also gives us a chance to know the people involved. That’s the beauty of the book. It’s one that haunts you after you read it.

But it also gives you a reason to hope. You see how people overcame such tragedy.

The challenge, as Lincoln said, is for us to make sure that we devote ourselves to the causes of those who were struck down.

Most recently, we looked at a Mayor’s attempts to save his city. Up next, a presidential scandal.

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