What fresh hell is this?

This comes from Rachel Smyth’s twitter account.

That’s some serious H.H. Holmes stuff right there.

Oh, and: No.


No one, man or woman, needs that device.


Jesus, this guy was a monster.

What fresh hell is this?

John Adams would have been fun on social media

If you want to know what our founding fathers would have been like on social media, read John Adams’ diary.

Here we have Mr. A., back when he was a 21-year-old school teacher in 1756. He wouldn’t have dreamt of being the first Vice President or second president of the United States considering that entity wasn’t even a twinkle in his eye.

Notice that on March 12, he’s basically humble bragging that he’s giving up chewing. This isn’t much different from you or eye bragging about a lifestyle improvement on Facebook.

Then, two days later, he’s talking about chilling with a friend and gabbing about a national celebrity. Now, the Ben Franklin he’s speaking of was a bit more impressive than Kimye.

It’s also interesting to think that two decades later, he and Mr. Franklin would team up in Philly to push for independence.


Screw Thomas Jefferson! Seriously. He was no John Jay or James Madison.

John Adams would have been fun on social media

Delusion in Chief

I cannot believe what I just read. Seriously. I actually, for a brief moment, thought CNN posted fake news. Then it all came rushing back to me. That a man who lied in one year more than any politician had lied in their life time is president. That he’s said some white nationalists and neo-Nazis are good people. That he, and republicans are supporting a man who admits to hitting on teenagers.

President Trump has claimed the “Access Hollywood” tape is fabricated. We shouldn’t be shocked of course he has. His default tact is to lie.

What should terrify us, is that beyond all logic, his cult will lap it up and regurgitate it.

They’ll do this despite the fact that if it were true, Trump would have shouted it from the rooftops the day the tape dropped. He didn’t. They’ll do this despite months of the party-line defense being that it was “locker room talk,” a tacit admission of guilt. They’ll do this despite many of them not just admitting the tape’s veracity themselves, but citing it as a reason they voted for him.

We’ve reached the point where, if Trump said Jesus lived in the fifth century and rode around Tunisia in a Cadillac, Franklin Graham and other Evangelical right wingers would incorporate that into their sermons and talking points. If Trump said he beat FDR in a round of golf, Paul Ryan would congratulate him.

Delusion in Chief

He hit how many triples!

Thanks to the MLB Statcast podcast, I am now aware of Luis Perdomo’s blazing speed.

Perdomo hit four triples this year. That would have tied the Chicago Cubs, New York Yankees, Milwaukee Brewers team lead, Tampa Bay Rays, Baltimore Orioles, Oakland Athletics and Los Angeles Angels. He would have led the Toronto Blue Jays.

Perdomo did that with only 53 plate appearances. Why did he only have that many plate appearances?

He’s a pitcher.

He hit how many triples!

My least favorite Founding Father

I can’t get enough of the Founding Generation. Every year, I pore over several biographies. This year alone, I’ve read Ron Chernow’s “Alexander Hamilton,” Harlow Giles Unger’s “The Last Founding Father” about James Monroe, Joseph Ellis’ “The Quartet” about John Jay, Alexander Hamilton, George Washington and James Madison, Sarah Vowell’s “Lafayette and the Somewhat United States,” and “The Portable John Adams.”

The men and women who forged our country had fascinating foibles and flaws, as well as insights and glories. I’ve come to admire so many of them, save one.

Try as I might, I can’t bring myself to like Thomas Jefferson.

I’ve read a handful of biographies and books that deal with different aspects of Jefferson. I try to like him. I try to see the good in him, and I’m better at it than before. Of course, I adore the writing of the Declaration of Independence, particularly the early parts, before it becomes a list of grievances against the king.

But the recent books I took up on Lafayette, Adams and Hamilton have brought back the worst in me.

I’m back to thinking of Jefferson as a first rate writer, a seventh rate thinker, a rank coward and likely the most profoundly hypocritical human being to ever walk the face of the earth. Earlier this year, I was talking with two of my nephews, who are profoundly bright. I said I think of Jefferson like the expanding mind meme.

In the first frame, you have the idea that Jefferson was a heroic Founding Father who wrote the Declaration of Independence and got the Louisiana Purchase accomplished. In the second frame, you realize he wrote “All men are created equal,” while owning some of those people who were equal to him. The third frame says he was a man of his times and tried to outlaw slavery in the northwest ordinance. But the fourth and final frame is when you realize he likely repeatedly raped his slave Sally Hemmings, he fled his state while he was the governor, and he doubled down on slavery later in life – at a time when other countries and slave owners were reforming their views on the matter.

Yeah, I know I’m supposed to hold him in the same regard I do Washington, Ben Franklin, John Adams, Hamilton and the rest. But I can’t bring myself to do it.

Part of it is politics. I admire pragmatic politicians. People who hold their ideals close, but don’t fear compromise. I don’t think he had the political capabilities of a Franklin, Hamilton or Madison. I think Jefferson fit his times, but unlike many of the other hallowed fathers, he wasn’t as visionary. I know it’s a shocking statement to say that about the man who wrote the Declaration. However, the future that arrived after Jefferson fit far more in line with what was expected by the likes of Hamilton and Adams. I don’t think Jefferson had the capabilities to see what they did.

My least favorite Founding Father

Seeing Penn State on the road

It’s been killing me that I haven’t gotten Mary to many Penn State events. She’s been to a pancake breakfast and that’s it. By the time her older siblings were her age, they’d been to basketball games, football games and other events. So when I saw that Penn State’s No. 1 ranked wrestling team was going to play at Binghamton Friday, I knew we had to make the hour drive.

It was worth the trip, and not just because the two-time defending champions won 40-2 either.

Memories flooded back to when I covered the wrestling team with Zak Young. Zak ended up becoming one of my favorite people. He knew wrestling and I didn’t. He taught me a ton on that beat. We also had a chance to cover some pretty fantastic athletes.

Friday was fun because the kids had never been to a wrestling meet. It was clear early on that Michael thought we were going to see professional wrestling. But he seemed to have a blast.

Early on, I walked each kid down to where the wrestlers walk into and out of the arena. Michael and Minnie wished them all luck and congratulated them on their way back. Minnie even got a wave from wrestling legend Cael Sanderson.

Seeing Penn State on the road